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    Get Locally Grown Plants for Your Survival Garden

    Sunday we went to our local farmer’s market for some fresh produce. I discovered the owners were growing some of the food offered for sale, and inquired about the hardiness of their crops. The owner was a lovely lady full of great information! She offered to let us pick our own produce and lead us to her garden. There I picked two eggplants, three bell peppers, and two bags of okra, which I intended to harvest for seeds.

    Many seed companies found on the Internet offer suitable seeds for your home garden but are usually grown in other zones and may not be the best varieties for your area. However, locally grown plants are already acclimated to your grow zone and will most likely be happy in your garden too. Check out your local farmer’s market for a source of seeds, you will get great seeds and some healthy food too!

    I have already planted some okra seeds and the above picture shows the eggplant seeds I just finished harvesting. We fried up the okra for dinner and had a delicious treat. From now on I will be visiting that farmer’s market for lots more seeds, and yummy food.

    Happy Gardening!

    Nurse Amy

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